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LCD positioning type small size backlight

Product features

· Thin structure(Thickness:2~ 4 m m);

· Better uniformity(uniformity:70 % ~ 8 0 %)

· Low power consumption, rich color, size can be arbitrarily designed;

· The side light source, the surface luminosity uniformity;

· Surface with a layer of dust protective film.


Widely used in home appliance backlight, LCD backlight, medical equipment backlight, instrument backlight, etc

Product Parameter

Maximum forward current(mA)

maximum reverse voltage(V)

Minimum operating temperature(℃)

Maximum operating temperature(℃)

Minimum storage temperature(℃)

Maximum storage temperature(℃)

Maximum pulse peak current(MA)

                5                 -25                 75                 -35                 85                 80


Technical requirements,The protective film should be retained on the upper surface of finished products without tolerance, and the rest should comply with our conventional backlight inspection specifications   note: Unnoted tolerance


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